Ride Report - June 2020 - Our First Ride!

June 27, 2020

Direct Action: Raised funds for Mass Action Against Police Brutality

This was our first ride. Following the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, the Boston Bike Party leaders gathered with members of the Black cycling community to create the Ride for Black Lives that would be a ride in Solidarity with our community showing Boston that Black Lives Matter.

About the First Ride

We never imagined that it would grow into a monthly event and then expand beyond just the rides!

 VIDEO: Filmed and edited ByAlexJoachim

Among our speakers, the organizers expressed their desire to improve the Boston Biking experience for the Black community and Youth Apprentice Joseph Pires from Bikes Not Bombs read his original poetry in a moving moment.

VIDEO: Recording courtesy of Sussen Gazal

Full Lyrics available at the bottom of the page.

This is the ride that started it all! And got us noticed in the community. There was a small article on our event by CBSLocal.

 Photography of the event from ByAlexJoachim

As Promised... Joseph's Poem Transcript:

Black Lives Matter. No matter what.
We give our all and nothing but.
We donate our time and never expect a cut.
When our black blood splatters? We have to keep our mouths shut?
No! Never! That’s not how we roll.
You take from us? You pay the toll.
We built your country. From the ground up. But of course they’ll just lie. The government is corrupt.
They can try to take the credit, but they can’t take our knowledge. So let’s rise up, and pay homage.
Raise your fists! Raise them high!
They want to put us down but fight through if they try.
I know it’s hard, yes you’ll cry. But the emotions are better than standing idly by!
Do what you can! They can’t be a threat. Know that you’ll have someone to catch you if you misstep.
The path to righteousness isn’t easygoing.
But fight for those who are busy coping.
They aren’t silent because they want to.
But because they can’t believe all this.
They see all of us dying and realize the length of that list.
That ends here! That ends now! No more of us should die. That, we won’t allow.
We’re asking for peace, not for revenge.
And with the people who’ve died this is how we avenge.
We say Black Lives Matter. Not that others don’t.
But that others can’t handle what we go through and most importantly they won’t.
They couldn’t walk a mile in our shoes, and that’s the sad part.
But they tell us that it hurts them too, that it pains their heart.
Some people are genuine and some want to be honest.
But we need to know who they are now, because tomorrow is never promised.
We’re here to come together and we’re here for social change.
So let’s speak our mind and reach the highest level of our vocal range.
In the act of us riding, we will keep striding.
And through it all we can gain friends and family to confide in.
So let’s achieve elevated levels and lead people through this social ladder.
Because we’re not going to stop until Black Lives Matter.

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